Eagle River Valley APRS Digipeater Activated

A recent need was noted to improve APRS digipeater coverage throughout the area.  To help support that need, KL5T fired up his Kantronics KPC3+ TNC driving an Alinco DR-1200 2-meter mobile at his home in South Fork, Eagle River. The digipeater is KL5T-10 on the APRS frequency of 144.39 MHz and is servicing the Eagle River Valley area.

This digipeater hits the KL7AIR-10 (EARS) digipeater on Elmendorf AFB and appears to be doing a good job of picking up APRS bursts up and down the Eagle River Valley.  A bit more testing is in order to get a good feel of the coverage area, but we already know it’s picking up beacons from locations previously unheard and ungated to the internet.

A few areas that still need APRS digi coverage include:

  1. Hope
  2. Portage – Girdwood – Indian
  3. South Birchwood – Eklutna
  4. Eklutna – Junction Glenn / Parks Highways
  5. Palmer
  6. Pittman Road – Big Lake – Houston (west of Wasilla)

If you think you can help with APRS digipeater coverage, please contact Kevin Opalka, KL2NV at to coordinate activation or assembly of a station.


Kent, KL5T