Anchorage ARC VEC receives solution for batch files

From Brandin Hess, WL1B

Recently, we published a request to receive some help in getting an updated program to generate the necessary files that are submitted to the FCC. Over the past week, VEC Chairman Brandin Hess, WL1B used one of his resources called Internet Relay Chat (IRC for short) to see if anyone was interested in helping with a project like this. Little did we know, an individual jumped right in and offered assistance.

To date, we now have been blessed with an application that is Open Source and follows in line with the GNU General Public License. The Anchorage ARC VEC would like to publicly thank Dan Purgert, who is currently studying for his amateur radio license for his willingness and dedication to creating a lightweight application that meets our needs!

Since the program is free and Open Source, it can be downloaded by going to the developer’s Github page which can be found by going HERE. Again, we thank Dan for the hours of dedication and hard work for putting this together for us!